NEN-EN 1090 (CE standard)

Since July 2014, NEN-EN 1090 is the new standard for steel construction in the Netherlands. Hutten Metal Steel Construction has successfully completed the procedure to obtain the certificate for this standard in April 2014.

A non-certified company that manufactures this type of construction, commits an economic offense. Beware: your insurance policy will not cover any damage resulting from application of the products of non-certified companies! It is therefore essential to outsource your steel construction to a company that is CE-certified.

Our method has always been based on the technical requirements of this standard. Our welders and welding methods have been qualified from the start of our operation.

The steel we work with is purchased in accordance with the applicable standards. Upon entry the steel is checked for having the right material certificates. Hence, the steel we use is always traceable to its suppliers and source.

As for our welding - we work in accordance with standard 3834-2. We check and record the quality of each welding job. The company does this for every project and stage, in accordance with NEN-EN 5817 and its specified execution class.

In short, if you choose Hutten Metaal Staalbouw as you steel construction partner, you choose a supplier that complies with the applicable standards, and offers a fully transparent organisation!