Our methods


In the CAD/CAM controlled production at Hutten Metaal Staalbouw, Tekla Structures plays an important role. This is a highly accurate and efficient 3D drawing system designed for rapid and accurate preparation of workshop activities. Through this system our drill saw streets and punch/cutting machines are controlled online, offering important benefits. The procedure reduces the number of errors and production time is significantly shortened.


Our machinery includes a large array of computer controlled equipment including advanced drill saw streets for section steel. Our punching and shearing machines offer a cutting bed of 3.000 x 13.000 mm for manufacturing of end plates. All our machines are linked to our workshop preparation system, offering you the benefits of 100% traceability.

Top quality welding

Hutten Metaal Staalbouw boasts all necessary quality certificates – guaranteeing a top quality product. Having obtained the NEN-EN 1090 certificate, it enables us to deliver constructions of up to class EXC3. Our experienced team of professional and skilled metalworkers and welders are at your service.